Pacify Multiplayer

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Pacify is a great product that you and your friends are capable of enjoying to the fullest! You are waiting for a lot of creepy missions, the purpose of which is to capture paranormal creatures.

A variety of people will need your help, so be prepared for a tough test. You are up to visiting creepy places on your own, or take with you a group of mates.

Quests & Ghosts

No matter how strange the corporation you work for may seem, the salaries there are good, so you are ready for any challenge. Pacify starts with you and your colleagues having to spend several hours in an old abandoned house. Due to city rumors, the owner has no way to sell this structure, so it’s up to you to prove that it’s safe.

A century ago, there was a funeral home in this building, but, in addition to cremation and burial in the ground, rituals were held here. With the help of them, clients could talk with their relatives, comrades and lovers.

Pacify is a rather complex piece of art, because your enemy, in the form of a ghost of a little girl, is extremely powerful and cunning. She can be harmless and calm, but all of a sudden she is going to start chasing you for the kill. The more you advance in the investigation, the more aggressive she becomes, so never underestimate her.

Is Pacify A Strategy Game?

Certainly yes. Your opponents have a chance to easily find you and cripple you, so you should think through every move you make, otherwise you may simply lose. Although, everything depends on the mode that you have chosen. For example, if you are alone, then be prepared for a huge amount of work.

Also, it is possible for you to choose one in which all members are trainees, so in this game you compete for a job. In fact, it has many more advantages, but you should already know about them after you download this game. Rest assured, you will definitely not regret the time and effort spent.

Be sure to recommend this game to your friends and family! They are going to love absolutely everything here! Graphics, soundtrack, optimization, gameplay, controls and more. And given that it is constantly updated, you should find a huge number of improvements, additions and other entertaining gameplay moments.