Pacify Dolls

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In fact, Pacify is not the first and only production to use this kind of toy. It seems cute and harmless, but when they start moving, they cause horror.

Moreover, they most often look like children, so they have a chance to scare even stress-resistant adults. There is actually a phobia of objects resembling a person.

An Important Element In Pacify

In the first part, where the ghost of a little girl is chasing you, they are your target. To win, you need to burn all the marked ones. You can be sure that this is a difficult task, because every time, your enemy will become more ferocious. Moreover, those team members who were caught by her are turned into the same creepy and strange dolls.

Although, you have a way to suppress her for a while. The fact is that there is another kind that is able to make her more human and peaceful. However, with the development of progress, it is going to help you less and less. The only useful property from this is the salvation of your comrade. The moment she attacks them, you must give it to her.

These items are easy enough to find, but your opponent has a highly advanced AI, so you still need to be careful. Never underestimate her! After all, in addition to dolls, it is necessary for you to find the keys to defeat her. Of course, there are fewer of them, and they have no such influence, but still you better not forget about them.


Pacify is a truly unique game that will make you feel a lot of feelings. Here you are not just having fun, but you are also developing your strategic thinking, intuition, attentiveness, etc. In addition, it is possible for you to simply enjoy the frightening atmosphere of abandoned locations and a breathtaking story.

Of course, there are a huge number of quality games that are going to delight you, but this piece of art is one of the most popular at the moment. It has good graphics, elaborate sounds, interesting gameplay, and normal optimization. It is difficult to say whether this product has any drawbacks. Even if they are present, you are unlikely to pay attention to them.