Emilia Pacify

Pacify is a great horror project that really fulfills its main functions. Not only are screamers used here, but they also create the perfect tense atmosphere, constantly making you feel unsettled.

So you and your friends who are fans of creepy, mystical things are going to love this work of media art. No wonder it’s so popular, right?

Antagonist of Pacify First Part

This ghost of a little girl will give you nightmares! She is truly a mysterious behemoth, with an extremely unpredictable character. She can be calm and human, or vice versa, take on her creepy appearance and haunt you until she turns you into a doll. Why exactly in this object, most likely you may ask yourself a question?

It is not known why she likes these toys so much, but they are an important element in Pacify. To defeat this monster it is necessary for you to burn a certain amount. The more you destroy, the angrier, smarter and more dangerous she should become. Therefore, you will need a different kind of one that is going to calm her down. However, with the development of progress, this may not help you much.

This monster has various supernatural abilities that allow her to never age, use telekinesis, float in the air and much more. How this happened is unknown, as is her past and personality. In any case, before you is a cruel and cunning creature that does not plan to spare you, no matter how you resist.

Should You Recommend Pacify?

Without a doubt, yes. Maybe it’s not perfect, you see a better game, but you still need to give it a try. By downloading it, you can learn more about some things that no one mentions. There are other missions here, in completely unusual locations. Moreover, it is frequently updated, so if you don’t want to miss anything, install it now!

It is unlikely to disappoint you, so do not waste precious minutes, call your friends and start researching. In addition to this spirit, it has many unique demons, even more terrible and dangerous than this. Most likely, this ghost was the sweetest and kindest creature, in comparison with the following maniacs.